Increase the Quality and Quantity of New Ideas

Productive 3-5 Day Sprint Retreats for Marketing Teams.


Gather your team away from the tedium, distractions, and frustrations of Zoom calls and emails. Free your frazzled workers from the asynchronous communications and context shifting that dominate their workdays; let your talent loose on a significant challenge, and watch free-flowing creativity produce innovative ideas that create value. 


Use a sprint retreat to:

  • Build prototypes to improve your UI/UX.

  • Design better team workflow processes.

  • Redesign or improve marketing tactics and materials.

  • Onboard a new member to your marketing team.

  • Generate new marketing or sales strategies.

  • Create or refine brand messaging or identity. 

  • Invent new products, programs, or campaigns.

  • Address an issue you're avoiding.   


Skin in the Game

You're taking a risk when you commit to a sprint retreat. We should too. 


If your retreat doesn't yield valuable outcomes then we don't deserve to get paid. 

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Planning: Fast and Easy.

Planning a sprint retreat is easy. We'll do most of the work for you. We'll walk you through a short mini-sprint and provide an asynchronous toolkit to help define your goals, formulate a strategy and plan the logistics for your team retreat.  

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Sprint Stories

Like many organizations, CIVHC found themselves managing three different legacy websites. They were embarking on a new program and would need to begin selling and reporting new data to the public. It seemed like the time to review their content strategy and start simplifying.

Presenting useful and understandable healthcare data on a complex website is a difficult task. Political complexities imposed by payers, providers, and employers make it nearly impossible. The various review boards and advisory groups involved in decision-making add extra time and costs.


Stratetek invented a new portable engine half the size and weight but with the same power as a conventional gas engine. The product development was moving along, but they didn’t have much in branding or positioning. The product didn’t even have a name. There were so many potential markets and applications for this product they didn’t know where to start, but they needed to present a pitch–in 2 weeks.

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5 Fires is a personal sprint for individuals to work alone and together on their personal passion projects. The sprint is held in The Barn in Hudson, Wisconsin. 


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